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Housing Services

Asylum seekers, having left their homes and countries, embark on a quest for a new place to live in foreign lands. Upon entering a new country, they encounter a most pressing and paramount need—housing. Securing suitable living arrangements becomes a crucial step in rebuilding their lives.

Problems related to providing housing for refugees:

Challenges Faced by Asylum Seekers

1- Lack of Suitable Housing:

  • Asylum seekers often grapple with a shortage of suitable housing options in host countries. This challenge can result in unorganized and unsafe living conditions, exacerbating the difficulties they face.

2- Limited Access to Rental Housing:

  • Some asylum seekers face barriers to accessing suitable housing due to factors such as lack of ownership or legal registration in the host country. This limitation hinders their ability to secure stable living arrangements.

3- High Cost of Housing:

  • The exorbitant prices of housing in certain countries pose significant restrictions for asylum seekers seeking suitable living spaces. Financial constraints become a formidable barrier to obtaining housing that meets their basic need.

4- Discrimination in Accessing Housing:

  • Asylum seekers may encounter discrimination in accessing suitable housing based on gender, race, ethnicity, or religious background. This discriminatory treatment further compounds the challenges they face in finding safe and secure housing.


To address the housing challenges faced by asylum seekers, we propose the following solutions:

1- Facilitating Access to Suitable Housing:

  • Through collaborative efforts and your support, we aim to facilitate access to suitable and safe housing for asylum seekers. This includes advocating for policies that ensure their housing needs are met with dignity and fairness.

2- Financial Assistance for Affordable Housing:

  • Providing financial assistance can empower asylum seekers to overcome the high costs of housing, enabling them to secure stable and suitable living conditions.

3- Combatting Discrimination:

  • Advocating against discrimination in housing access based on gender, race, ethnicity, or religion is a key aspect of our mission. By promoting inclusivity, we strive to create a welcoming environment for all asylum seekers.

Your support in these endeavors contributes to ensuring that asylum seekers have a stable and secure foundation as they rebuild their lives in a new land.