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The dream and purpose of this service

Our Dream

Our heartfelt dream is to contribute to the creation of a better and more humane society, where the inherent dignity of every human being, including refugees, is upheld with unwavering respect and justice. We envision not only a transformed society but a world where all individuals, irrespective of their background, enjoy equal opportunities and human rights. In our dream, discrimination, whether based on race or religious beliefs, is eradicated, and no one faces persecution due to their asylum status. We aspire to cultivate a community where every refugee finds security and the opportunity to lead a life abundant with peace and prosperity.

Our Purpose

Driven by this dream, our purpose is crystal clear — to extend a helping hand to refugees in their journey towards a better life. Our goal is to facilitate easy access to essential services for refugees, ensuring that their basic needs are met with compassion and efficacy. This includes providing support in crucial areas such as housing, food, clothing, and access to medical and pharmaceutical services. By addressing these fundamental needs, we aim to empower refugees to rebuild their lives with dignity and hope, fostering a world where kindness knows no borders.

Our dream and purpose propel us forward, guided by the belief that every act of compassion contributes to the creation and realization of a just and caring world.

The dream and goal of the Iranian church

Derived from the compassion of the Divine, Salvation, healing, and deliverance pave the way for a thriving and wholesome life. In 2018, acknowledging the plight of refugees in Turkey and their requirements, this ministry was initiated to offer sustenance and child-related services. In 2020, amidst the global grip of the Covid-19 pandemic, this emergency service intensified its efforts twofold, progressing into its second phase.


Matthew 25:35



IRMT Changing Lives with Love

«For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.’»
Matthew 25:35-36

We aspire to create an inclusive and compassionate society, where every individual, including refugees, is honored with respect and fairness. Our vision extends beyond just a societal transformation; we dream of a global landscape where everyone enjoys equal opportunities and rights, devoid of discrimination, be it based on race or religious beliefs. In our envisioned world, no one faces persecution due to their asylum status. Our ideal community is one where each refugee finds security and the chance to lead a life filled with peace.

To achieve this dream, our goal is to facilitate refugees’ seamless access to fundamental services, encompassing housing, food, clothing, as well as medical and pharmaceutical assistance.

Embodying kindness and compassion are akin to a radiant light that dispels the shadows within hearts.


Let us shine the light of Christ to dispel the darkness and bring illumination.

"Being kind and compassionate is like the light that illuminates dark hearts."

By transmitting the light of Christ, let us illuminate the darkness


Medical Services

Asylum seekers flee their homes in search of security and a better future, often finding themselves in vulnerable conditions without easy access to medical and pharmaceutical services. This exposes them to health risks and preventable diseases.


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Food Services

Asylum seekers, having lost their homes, families, and jobs, face difficult conditions. Access to sufficient and healthy food becomes crucial for their well-being. Research indicates that refugees often lack access to adequate and suitable food, leading to negative effects on their health and growth.

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Other Services

Asylum seekers embark on a journey to escape threats and insecurity, often arriving in a new environment with minimal possessions. Many have been observed without even the basic necessity of clothing, having left their countries with only the clothes on their backs.

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Housing Services

Finding a place to live is a primary and critical need for asylum seekers in a new country. Our Housing Services address this fundamental requirement, offering support in securing accommodation to help asylum seekers navigate the challenges of starting anew in a foreign land.

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Welcome Corp

Welcome Corp is a comprehensive program implemented in collaboration with the government, non-profit organizations, local communities, and others to accept and assist refugees. Due to the high number of asylum seekers and the limited support from international organizations in some countries, prioritization becomes necessary.

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