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Food Services

Asylum seekers face difficult conditions due to losing their homes, families, jobs and peaceful lives. In this situation, access to sufficient and healthy food is very important for them. However, research shows that refugees are generally exposed to insufficient, unsustainable and unsuitable food. This situation leads to negative effects on their health and growth.

Food challenges of refugees:

Challenges Faced by Asylum Seekers

1- Primary Food Crisis:

Upon seeking refuge in centers, asylum seekers frequently face limited resources for food provision. These facilities, contending with constraints, may encounter difficulties in adequately fulfilling the nutritional requirements of the refugees.

2- Financial Limitations:

Many refugees face financial constraints, limited employment opportunities, and a lack of basic income. Consequently, obtaining enough food becomes a challenge, prompting reliance on support from food aid programs or charitable organizations.

3- Nutritional Problems:

The stress, anxiety, and cultural adjustments experienced by refugees contribute to nutritional issues. Identifying appropriate foods or maintaining dietary variety may pose challenges due to financial constraints.


To address the nutritional challenges faced by asylum seekers, we propose the following solutions:

1- Providing Food Packages:

  • Your support can make a tangible difference by enabling us to provide food packages to alleviate the food crisis that plagues most refugees. These packages are designed to offer nutritional support and contribute to the overall well-being of those in need.

2- Hot Food Assistance:

  • With your assistance, we can also implement programs to provide hot meals to asylum seekers. This ensures that they have access to warm and nourishing food, fostering a sense of care and support during challenging times.

Your engagement, through contributions and support, is instrumental in enhancing the nutritional well-being of refugees. Together, we can create a significant impact on the lives of those traversing the challenging journey of seeking asylum.