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Welcome Corp

Welcome Corp is a comprehensive program, forged through collaboration with the government, non-profit organizations, local communities, and other stakeholders, with the sole purpose of accepting and assisting refugees. This strategic plan is meticulously designed to offer the necessary facilities and services for asylum seekers, aiming to provide a supportive environment on their journey to a new life.

Solutions and conditions for organizing asylum seekers:

1- Initial Admission:

  • Creation of Reception Centers:

We are committed to establishing reception centers, initially led by the Iranian Church and subsequently in collaboration with other churches in the second and third phases. These centers serve as crucial entry points for asylum seekers, offering essential services such as initial assessments, registration, and information gathering.

  • Determination of Legal Status:

A swift and transparent process will be in place to recognize and determine the legal status of asylum seekers. Legal support will be provided as needed, with a thorough examination of the financial prerequisites for the project.

2- Basic Facilities and Services:

  • Housing:

Provision of both temporary and permanent housing for refugees according to their specific needs. This will be achieved through collaboration with the private sector and non-profit organizations, ensuring a comprehensive approach to housing solutions.

  • Health and Medical Services:

Offering essential medical services, vaccinations, psychological counseling, and health support for refugees and their families. This holistic approach prioritizes the well-being and health of individuals in their resettlement journey.

  • Education and Educational Support:

Establishing educational facilities and providing professional training for refugees at various levels. This includes language training, vocational guidance, and facilitating access to educational services, fostering empowerment and skill development.

  • Social Services:

Delivering social services tailored to the needs of families, children, and women refugees. The program focuses on facilitating cultural and social integration, offering employment and internship opportunities, and supporting overall community well-being.


Your Support Matters

Given the substantial number of asylum seekers and diverse levels of support from international organizations, including the United Nations, it becomes crucial to prioritize refugees based on their individual needs and conditions. With the invaluable support of sponsors like you, Welcome Corp strives to stand alongside refugees, extending a warm welcome on their arduous journey and offering the necessary support to help rebuild their lives.